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Welcome to Pho Hung Cuong

Welcome to Pho Hung Cuong

Pho Hung Cuong started the business in 1985. I had a dream of creating a phở that reflects our ancient Vietnamese culture which still continues today. Pho Hung Cuong has become one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in the country.

Pho Hung Cuong brings to you the best of exotic and traditional tastes of phở. All of our ingredients are natural. We specialize in this Vietnamese soup and other Vietnamese cuisines like Char-grilled pork. We have also been blessed with the great support of our patrons. We strive to continue to carry on this great legacy of our culture.



I love this place! The food is always amazing. I'm never disappointed. Summer rolls and pho. You can't go wrong.
-Andrea M.


This place is so yummy! Orange chicken, pho, and crab soup were all super tasty. The service is excellent - they were frequently checking in on us and refilling drinks. This is our go-to for pho in San Antonio.
-Ariel F.


Food was great. Service was great. That is all you need to know! I would go here often during my lunch breaks working a summer internship, and every single time, it definitely hit the spot!
-Edgar H.

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